IWM - Intelligent Waste Management

Waste handling and management in the 21st century requires new approaches and technologies.

Waste is monitored

Number of places


Number of cards


Number of openings


Average temperature

4 °C

Average occupancy of waste bins

36 %
About project

What is IWM?

Intelligent Waste Management in Practice

The subject of the Intelligent Waste Management system is to use modern approaches and technologies to ensure monitoring, optimization of collection and support citizens in waste separation. We place emphasis on obtaining detailed statistical information on the use of waste containers from individual geographical areas in the city Dunajská Streda. Once we know the filling level of waste containers, their usage by citizens, we will be able to keep our city cleaner and by optimizing processes, we will save significant personnel, technical and financial resources.

The IWM project is implemented as part of the Digital Village - DigiVil project

The aim of the INTERREG Digital Village (DigiVil) project is to improve cooperation of key actors in regional innovation systems and support the development of other digitalization approaches within the entire Slovak-Austrian program area.

Through new forms of cooperation, such as between municipalities and universities, and through the transfer of knowledge from university environment to the regions, the potential offered by digitalization should be better utilized and evaluated. The potential of cross-border cooperation will be assessed within group discussions (focus groups) and implemented with the help of pilot acitivities. The results of these pilot projects and evaluative and informative workshops will be summarized in a digitalization manual and catalog of measures, which will form the basis for knowledge transfer to other cities, municipalities, as well as regions.

The strategic anchoring of the project should also be ensured through the creation of a sustainable concept for a network of cross-border incubators, which should serve to support virtual working and educational spaces and digital innovation and educational laboratories in the border region.


Area of container location

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Basic properties of the IWM system


Quality input data

Within the intelligent waste management system, we obtain the following information about the state of individual waste containers:

Temperature of the waste container

The amount of waste in the waste container


Personalized approach

Access to the waste container is conditioned by the use of a special access card through which the particular container can be opened. This approach will ensure that the waste container can only be used by citizens to whom it is assigned. Based on the mentioned approach, it is possible to evaluate:

The frequency of using the waste container

Responsibility of citizens in waste separation

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